Hospitality and Leisure


Knowing Hospitality and Leisure

Every industry is competitive and hospitality is not different, but what distinguishes it is that it is a multipronged sector that embraces various fields of activities (hotels, lodging, aviation, resorts, restaurants, travel agency and tourism industry), as well as other various fields nourishing such industry. The common factor between hospitality fields is that they all focus on change in demands to meet luxury, pleasure and customer satisfaction.
The greatest problem that encounters this hospitality industry is uncertainty of risk profiling, because this industry is highly affected by the global challenges and threats.
However, in order to overcome such problem, you need a periodical feedback mechanism that from time to time provides you with the needed financial information and statistical data.

How can you be sure that the feedback mechanism works effectively? With our expertise and global reach, Kreston EG- Tamer Nabarawy & Co helps you to mitigate the exposure of risks by providing you with the required solid internal control, reliable financial reporting system, audit and assurance services, bookkeeping, tax planning and internal control function.